Different sim for different profiles doesn't work

I want to use my FP2 with two sim card, one for private, one for professional use. I therefore created a second profile to differenciate between the different settings and apps. The different apps work so far, but ih can’t define the sims to each profile.
When I change the setting e.g. disable sim or wich sim should be prefered in calls, the FP2 changes the setting for both profiles.
What is the right way to define the sim card to each one profile?

I am having this problem too. Have you worked it out yet?! Sorry I can’t be of help!

Hi. Is it possible to assign different SIMs to different user profiles, so that it automatically calls/texts/uses mobile data from that SIM when in that user profile?

I have a work and personal SIM and a work and personal user profile.
I would like to ensure that if logged into the work profile it always uses the work SIM and vie versa.

Any ideas welcome! Thanks!

I have exactly the same problem. I have two profiles, each with a different Google account. But if I change the SIM to use in Profile1, the change is also applied in Profile2 and vice versa. On top of it, when making a phone call, the phone will always asks which SIM to use, regardless of the setting for prefered SIM card.To be short, the settings for SIM cards and profile preferences do not do what they are intended to do.

Do all dual SIM users have this problem, or not?

I haven’t tested this myself as I only have one SIM, but I’m pretty sure this will be the same for everybody.

I added it to the feature requests. You can vote here if you want this feature in a future update.

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… I have the same problem, too…