Different FP2 display module versions

I have come across this a few times on the forum, though I would like more information about them.
I saw pieces of information here and there, also about incompatibilities with some firmware versions, I also found this topic.

Though it’s quite hazy for me, so could someone (re)explain to me

  • which are the different types of screen, how many there are and how to recognize them
  • which are the firmware incompatibilities with which firmware versions
  • help me identify this screen and understand why it has this unconventional sticker on it (it has a number starting with A3):

    I have observed that, when I use a FP2 with it (either FPOS Nougat, Pie Beta or LOS 17.1), when it goes to sleep, the screen brightness diminishes in a jerky way, and I thought it might be due to it being an old screen.

Thanks in advance!