Different coloured lights

Just wondered if anyone could tell me the significance of the tiny lights in the top right hand corner of my FP1 - It can be red, green or blue. At the moment it’s showing red and blue flashing.
Can’t see anything in the manual
There is no problem with phone function

Most flashing lights are notifications of events in different apps. As each app sets their own notifications, what they mean exactly depends on which apps you have installed (which is also why this won’t be in the phone’s manual - try the manual of the apps you’ve installed instead). If I recall correctly, Whatsapp default light notification is flashing red, Signal’s is flashing blue (Facebook might be too, but I’ve never had that app).
Check the notification area at the top of the screen - swipe down from the top, and see if there are any messages from apps there. Tapping on a message opens the app and removes the notification, at which point the flashing pattern for that specific app should also stop. Alternatively swipe the notification right to dismiss it without opening the associated app - the flashing should then also stop.


Thank you Johannes, that’s is all I needed to know :slight_smile:

E-mail is green for me. And of course I should not forget to mention that the notification LED will flash in red when the battery is low.

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