Different APNs for Data and Hotspot


Hi everybody,
I’m configuring my new Fairphone 3 to use Data and Hotspot.
My mobile networks provide two different APN settings for Mobile Data and for Hotspot. However, I notice that in the Fariphone settings, I can just “select” one of the many possible APNs. How to say

  • use APN number 1 for Mobile data
  • use APN number 2 for Hotspot?

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Presumably you have already accessed this Fairphone resource where it says " Even if both SIM cards allow data-usage, only one SIM slot allows connection with data networks"?

Yes. Indeed, I’m talking about just one SIM that has two different APN settings for Mobile Data and Hotspot/Thetering.

It is possible to set two APN.
But each time you want to change from Mobile Data to Hotspot and back you have to manually choose the correct APN.
In Settings
Mobile Network
choose SIM 1 or SIM 2
tap on Advanced
tap on Acces point names
tap on the + after the name APNs to enter a new APN
Here you can choose which APN you want to choose.

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I am not sure if I understand your issue correctly. Mobile data is consumed via the mobile network and therefore needs an APN setting. Hotspot on the other hand uses Wi-Fi technology and does not need an APN.

Can you give us a link to the info?

Hotspots are mentioned here, too, for instance …

… but I don’t get the connection to APN settings either.

It’s written here for tethering and here for normal internet navigation, but in Italian, since the mobile company is Italian.

Briefly, they say that in order to use the smartphone for Tethering, I need a specific APN different from that for the internet navigation.


  • for internet navigation APN = web.ho-mobile.it
  • for hotspot usage APN = internet.ho-mobile.it

But I solved my problem, since tethering seems to work setting just one APN (the one for the internet navigation).

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