Differences standard dialer and SMS-App


my Faiphone should be send to me this week so I have to think about the OS variant I want to use on m phone. I prefer the standard Android Version instead of Fairphone OS. I will replace the launcher by Smart Launcer 2 irrespective of the OS variant so the preinstalled launcher is’t a argument.

But i wounder if there are differences at the dailer or SMS-App of the variants. Especially in how they deal with the dual SIM of Fairphone. Will I be able to use this Option by using the standard Android OS variant?


I haven’t got first hand experience, but the dialer and SMS app should support dual Sim just fine in the bare Android version.

Do realize that if you choose to go for plain Android, you won’t get any OS updates like you get with FairPhone OS.

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This, and if i understand it correctly, the “Stock AOSP” Version is still modified (eg. Dual Sim, Drivers, etc) by Mediatek (or am i wrong here @keesj?), so SMS and Dialer should be the same as @Jerry said.

If you plan to install a custom launcher, i strongly recommend the Fairphone OS version as this is more supported and updated with the Fairphone Updater. If you choose your favorite launcher, you will notice next to no difference to stock, but have all the benefits of Fairphone OS.


The “Stock AOSP” version indeed includes the changes made by Mediatek to support the phone. Fairphone did add the Fairphone updater to the stock Android to allow people to switch back to Fairphone OS.

The SMS app is the same

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I think the Android AOSP release has dual Sim support, so I don’t think MediaTek or FairPhone needed to make any changes for that.

Thank a lot to all of you, you helped me much.

Tats an important clue, that makes me switch to Faiphone OS as preferred System.

After more than 3 Years of Android usage (still on my first Android Phone) I have replaced nearly every phone suppliers APP (except the dialer and SMS-App ;)) and createt my feel well environment. That’s why idea was to start with the more naked system to add my modifications on. But Faiphone OS doesn’t look bolted, so it would no Problem to use this as base System and the Update argument is a strong one.


FairPhone OS is basically just plain AOSP Android but with a different launcher, and since you’re going to install your own launcher anyway, it doesn’t matter much.

Then there’s the Peace of Mind widget, but you can simply remove it from your home screen and the mood background can be disabled if desired.