Difference between FP-CAM01 and FP-CAM02 - faulty module?

My girlfriend and I both own a FP2, hers is a few months older, but both have a new camera module, as we are both suffering from the shutdown bug (LOS14.1, LOS15.1 and Android 7 RC).

I had the impression her module is faulty, as after some time the normal camera app is telling “mediaserver has crashed” (translation from german) and you only see weird colors and stripes in the apps preview before it crashes. So I switched modules today and my module is woring in her phone and hers in my phone… currently. I can add that her module worked in her phone for some time but then from time to time has this buggy behaviour. Also OpenCamera is NOT working and shows a “serious camera error”.

Is this some known behaviour of a faulty module are there suggestions? And still what is the difference between the two module versions (if not just the labeling)?


FP-CAM01 was the label of the old module. I’ve seen pictures of new modules being labeled like that too but I think that is a mistake, and the two are actually the same if both are 12MP.

This is well possible a module problem, though I am surprised about the media server error. Have you tried swapping your camera modules? Then you will know whether it is indeed the module’s fault.

I moved this to #fairphone2help because it is more a help request than a general discussion about hardware.

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