Didn't get my Phone and it's been more than a month

This is the most unprofessional company! I’ve ordered a fairphone 3 on the 18th of December and I still didn’t get the Phone. Apparently the Phone got lost on it’s way and they don’t want to return my 450€ or deliver another Phone. It’s been more than a month and all they are teeling me is that they have to get în touch with DHL, but i’ve made inquires by myself and i was told the Phone got lost. I, as a cusmer, must not have to suffer because of an internal problem you have with your delivery. VERY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! I WOULDN’T RECOMEND TO ANYONE!!!

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The moderators will now say: Write to the support. This is not a company forum. :smiley:


Oh, ordering in December, shipment via DHL… I can relate, the gift I ordered in December never (until today) reached my hands. Christmas was a parcel flood for them, so I empathize with you.
I have to agree with @Dosenheini, you should contact support… it is usually a not very short fiddling process with DHL… I wish you much patience and that the phone shows up one day.


It is not Fairphone’s fault when DHL loses your parcel and it is also not “unprofessional” if they tell you to get in touch with DHL. I fully understand that you are angry, but try channeling your anger towards the DHL support.

What did DHL tell you as their “excuse”? What does the track & trace history on their website say regarding your oder?


To which country was this Fairphone 3 supposedly be send to?

I feel you! I had the same situation with the FP1. Everybody else were getting their phones early January 2014 but mine got lost by GLS. They first said they needed some time to probably find it. At some point they said I should contact the seller to send out an replacement. In total it took until mid February until everything was resolved between GLS and Fairphone and I finally got my FP1. It takes some patience and persistence and I hope you can get it resolved.


Relax @Dosenheini, eventually you will receive your phone or money back from DHL.
Also, if you don’t want to give Fairphone 3 a chance, once you receive it, you can contact FP customer support and send it back within 2 weeks for a full refund.

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I am not the OP. :slight_smile:

With such a thing perhaps also the payment with PayPal is recommended, they are very customer-friendly and refund in such cases the money back very fast. The Fairphone Support always needed 2-4 weeks for the first (!) answer. (This is my experience.) So a dialogue can take months.

hold your horses! December is the worst time of the year to place postal orders, that’s a fact. And don’t complain in the wrong place. They delivered your phone on time and as wished, so why on earth should they replace or refund? It’s DHL you should be complaining to, they lost it!!! Fairphone would do you a great SERVICE if they where to complain at DHL, but it’s certainly NOT their duty…or so… It’s so easy to put the blame at the factory, but they done their bit. What is wrong with actually taking some action yourself??

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Well, the contract of sale for the phone and delivery is with Fairphone. They then have a contract with DHL for delivery, making Fairphone DHL’s customer. DHL has obligations to Fairphone, but none to the person to which the device is being delivered. Complaints and inquiries regarding deliveries can, with most shipping companies, only be made by the party that paid the shipping company to perform the delivery (which in this case is Fairphone), anything else is extra service provided by the shipping company. So it is very much Fairphone’s responsibility to chase this.

Depending on the contract for delivery, DHL might not be in breach of their contract yet. Fairphone could choose to send out a replacement device sooner at their own expense - but there can be a number of reasons why they don’t want to take that risk (such as the terms of their business insurance if they have one).

Depending on the country you’re in, you can, with some exceptions, cancel the purchase if delivery takes too long (in the UK, for example, this is 30 days). If the delivery is then still attempted you can then refuse to accept delivery, or if it is delivered anyway you can contact the seller so they can arrange for it to be picked up (as far as I know, this is a different return than the ones under the 14 days cooling-off period in which you’d still need to pay for return shipping, but I could be wrong).

The seller (Fairphone) has the choice of what shipping method they decide to offer. If they choose crappy ones, or guarantee delivery in a time frame that then isn’t met, they should take responsibility for that.

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hold your horses too!

Fairphone HAS to refund the money. Ordered 18th december.


Mistakes like these do happen with every courier. Fairphone opted for DHL, and DHL only.

I had something similar happening to me with Nokia. Received device from Nokia (directly from Finland), dead pixel. Send it back, but I send it to the wrong DHL facility (or they expected me to send it to another one, IIRC Nokia had one internal or a different dept). Either way, it got lost there. At that point, I still wanted my device, so I had to prove my identity (cause of understandable suspicions that I was trying to defraud them; back then you didn’t make a picture of the issue either). They send me the second phone, and eventually they found the first phone in a package in the other (wrong) DHL facility. I did not feel I did anything wrong so I just had faith that it’d be good in the end.

Either way, a company needs to assume this is going to happen with a small percentage of packages, and likely they’re insured against this as well (either way, it is their problem). I still would like to know to which country this Fairphone 3 was sent to.


the same thing happens to me. I ordered and paid for a Fairphone on December 2nd, 2019. Fairphone had told me it wouldn’t be delivered until mid-December (OK, no problem). But the shipment was lost by DHL on December 12th. I waited, then contacted DHL twice of three times before they told me the shipment had been searched for and declared lost. I called Fairphone Support on December 29th I think, and they wrote back to me on December 30th.

It’s January 28th today, and we are still at the same point as on December 30th: they have to talk to Rhenus which has to talk to DHL and apparently they want to find the lost shipment and nothing can be done before that.

As I had to buy another phone (a refurbished iPhone from Back Market, no problems), I have been asking for the cancellation of my order and for a refund, but I got no answer whatsoever about that. I am left waiting with no information about what’s going on, not knowing if I’ll ever get a refund, and I’m just told to be patient and keep waiting. In the beginning, I was told these kind of investigations were “quite quick”. I’d rather have been informed that it would take more than a month… it wouldn’t feel a bit like a breach of trust.

I suppose it’ll be fine in the end, but I will not risk having this experience again. Nowadays, a good customer service is key, even though I understand it may be very difficult for a small/medium-sized company.

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This looks like great advice! I wish I had known this before ordering.

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