Did we just miss another opportunity?

Hello everyone.
I just feel the need to talk about this with someone, because I feel that we, as a community, missed another great opportunity.
Fairphone 5 is so close in aspect to the FP4 that I can’t stop wondering: Why did they not do a backward compatible FP5?

From FP1 to FP2 there was a lot of improvement and this was understandable. From FP2 to FP3, there where a lot of differences, as well as from FP3 to FP4. Ok.
But now, they are so similar that I really do not understand why they chose to take a different root than what I believe was the obvious one: Making a new FP5 with the core-module compatible with FP4.

I think that it would have been life and industry changing. Truly sustainable.
What’s your opinion on that?


I guess the placing of the cpu was the culprit.

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I think that the fact that the cpu is not in the exact position of the FP4 is still a choice, not a reason for the choice of not making the phone backward compatible…

There are still differneces that might help to reduce issues

One example


OK, so, if I got it correctly, your point is: FP5 has still a lot of improvements that prevented the backward compatibility, but we will reach that point (soon?)

I hope that this is a good way of looking at it, but I feel a lot of frustration. I started to think that this is not at all in the to-do-list of the FairPhone

No thats not my point, I cant conclude such, as I have no knowledge about developing a smartphone, although I know its a long term complicated process.

So I dont expect such and therefore I’m not frustrated if its not coming.


Feeling like adding extra 3 cents here on modularity limitations. I am working on the PC Desktop which I bought in 2015. Recently got the issues with the motherboard and was told it will be difficult to get one that fits with all the other modules. The shop managed to get one of those left somewhere in stocks, with a shorter warranty, and saved me the hassle of buying an entirely new PC

What I want to say is that even in desktops it is difficult to imagine compatybility lasting more than a decade.


:point_up_2: “This is the way.”


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