Did Fairphone change their office location?

I just signed up for the product announcement newsletter and the confirmation website stated

Van Diemenstraat 200
AMSTERDAM, Noord-Holland 1013 CP

as their address. Did they move away from Jollemanhof?

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Yes, this happened a couple of weeks ago. Miquel just shared some eco-information about it:

From what I remember, it’s like 3-4 kilometres from Jollemanhof.


Ah yeah I see. Well, the office at Jollemanhof was already pretty crowded at the last EFCT in 2019, so I imagine they just didn’t have enough space there anymore. Hopefully the new one is just as fun though :slight_smile:


The new office is about the same distance from the station to the old office.
For the old office you went to the right from the station, now you have to go left.


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