Dictionary Entry: Flashing


The term “flashing” means loading data on a storage device that uses flash technology. This is not to be confused and has nothing to do with “flash player”. Flash storage is nonvolatile, this means it does not loose its data without power. You find it in USB sticks, SDcards, SSD disks - and in our phone to store the main operating system. This is why " flashing" has become a synonym for installing or upgrading the system via #dic:recoverymode.

How to flash something


Someone please write a guide for standard recovery

If you have TWRP installed you can use the FP Open OS Guide below.

On FP Open OS

  • Go to recovery (TWRP) by turning off the phone and then pressing Volume up+Power until the TWRP loading screen appears.
  • In TWRP press “install” and navigate to the .zip file you want to flash. Tap it.
  • You may need to disable Zip file signature verification
  • Now swipe to confirm flash
  • A blue success message should appear when it’s done
  • Now you can reboot system.