Dialer requests location - why?

I notice that from time to time GPS turns on without reason the moment I establish a Wifi or mobile data connection. When I check Settings / Location I can see under “recent location requests” that “Dialer” - the phone app itself seems to be the culprit. Does anybody know why the Dialer is requesting my location ?
I can usually kill the GPS quickly by simply launching SatStat and terminating it immediately.

The really simple answer is that someone nosey wants to know because they want to know everything.

I don’t think Fairphone track you so it’s more likely an app or even Google/Android themselves. I have seen the excuse that it makes it easier for the OS to locate the best transponder for your location but I find that a bit difficult to believe, it’s far more likely that it wants to know how close you are to some burger bar or coffee shop.

I doubt it’s anything subversive. Probably the worst that can happen is that you’ll get some location-centric ads popping up.

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