Device settings not accessible in landscape mode

Dear all,

on my trip last weekend I realized that I cannot access the device settings when the Fairphone 3 is in landscape mode. With the display in portrait mode, you pull down the top menu twice(!) and then click on the cogwheel. (Is there any other acces to that?)

However, in my car I use the phone in landscape mode because then the usability of my satellite navigation is much better. When I pull the top menu down twice, I see two rows of settings icons. And as I am pulling down, I can see the cogwheel which then ends up underneath the bottom edge of the screen, though, so that I have no access to it.

As a result, when driving into Switzerland, I had to take the phone out of the phone holder, hold it in my hands, turn it to portrait, go to settings in order to turn off data roaming and put the phone pack into the holder. While driving, that is really annoying and above all not secure to do.

Any suggestions? Is it a bug?

Settings is also a normal App in the App list (“Settings” in your language), just put it to your home screen.


Or got to settings > display and play with font and display size. If display size is set to default, the quick settings icons are too large. I think this is a design issue in Android 9.
Simply set display size one level smaller and font size one level up to compensate.


Awesome, s99h, that did it for me! Quick & easy, seems to improve other display oddities, too.

And AnotherElk, your advice was helpful, too. Especially since I sometimes need quick access to some settings while driving.


Sounds inviting as fines in Swiss for operating the mobile or navigation system while driving does not seem to be high enough yet. :wink: