Developer options: Show all ANRs

I wonder, if this observation is related to the battery draining and reboot issues that are being discussed (and affect me as well):

About two months ago or so, I enabled the option “Show all ANRs” (German: “Alle ANRS anzeigen”) in the developer options:

Since then, I get notifications like the following at least once per day (across restarts), which translates to “… not responding. Would you like to close it? [Wait] [OK]”:

Note: I have the Adaptive brightness option disabled in the Display settings.

So far, I got warnings for these modules:

  • (sic!)
  • Content Adaptive Backlight Settings

Awesome contribution! I completely forgot about that dev option.
I’ve just enabled it on my FP Open OS. Let’s see if I get forze closes for Content Adaptive Backlight Settings (I’ve no, but

PD: in Spanish :flag_es: it is called “Errores sin respuesta”. Weird translation, :grimacing:

You need (performance) debugging tools to find out why and where they hang. Most of the time it’s based on how software is programmed and how “smart” the software is with the use and sharing of resources (threading, locking …). Sometimes interaction of software can also create interesting scenarios.

But there are tools to track energy/battery usage as well. I’m not sure if the current kernel on the FP2 allows this and I’m also not sure how much debugging the SoC allows in the end (Qualcomm also got the own energy management, I guess?) Not sure about all this, there is not a lot of information out there. I guess someone just have to try :slight_smile:


I also turned on the “Show all ANRs” option (“Alle ANRs anzeigen”) and I too get the warning dialog “Content Adaptive Backlight Settings reagiert nicht. Möchten Sie die App schließen?”. I too have the Adaptive brightness option disabled in the Display settings.

I have waited for FairphoneOS updates but still with version 1.9.3 this issue is not solved yet.

What is it related to? Does anyone know the purpose of that process “Content Adaptive Backlight Settings”?

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