Developer option theming (change icons shape)

Hello friends,

I would like to change the default theme, icons shape, colors, etc.

Many tutorial talk about a way, into the developers options, a sub-title named “Theming”.

I already activated developers options,but I cannot find this subtitle.

Is there a mysterious and dangerous (with many snakes and witches) to access this feature?

Thanks in advance for your advices,

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Could post a link to one of these tutorials? Be aware that they could be about Samsung devices (or from another big player brand), which are different from stock android and on which you won’t get the same options at the same place.

For me under LOS17.1@FP2 I have these theming options in SettingsStyles and Wallpapers.
Otherwise you can also change the icon pack (long press on the home screen→Home screen settingsIcon pack).

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You’re right, I misread those tutorials, they are only for Pixel’s

Thanks you.


If you would like to do some more theming, you shoud try a different launcher.

Nova for example has a large fan base. Many people here swear by Lawn Chair 2 (the project is in some kind of hibernation mode, though). Just search for yourself and see which one you would prefer:

launcher – Android-Apps auf Google Play

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If what “Change icon shape and accent colour (Android 10)” describes is what you refer to, that is actually a feature of stock Android rather than solely for Pixels, because “Change icon shape and accent colour (Android 10) - #4 by BEEDELLROKEJULIANLOC” states how to remediate this problem, although the resolution is extreme.