🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Develop a stronger battery for fp3, please!

develop a stronger battery for fp3, please!

Hello and welcome to the community forum.
This forum is entirely community driven, so Fairphone won’t really answer officially here. If you want to contact Fairphone for this wish/complaint, please contact them through their support page.

If you want to discuss, you are welcome, but so far, I have heard only positive feedback about the FP3 battery. Could you develop your opinion a bit more? You might have an issue with your battery that drains it a lot. In this case, you will also find help on this forum.

What OS are you running? The one that was installed when you got the phone?
You could try a #dic:factorydatareset, but #dic:backup first.
If you have a #fairphoneangel in your area, he/she may be able to help you by testing different things, testing a new battery, etc.
Consider contacting support in any case.


For its dimensions its its well within the range of other batteries
Improvements to the Li-Io technology could increase the capacity by some percent but there is no magic “10 times the capacity” battery around the corner, despite the numerous fantastic articles every year
Do you have any Idea what drains your battery?
What battery time do you usually have, how do you use your phone


thx for your reply thogh, infos and qustions.
OS=Android 9
2 sims + sd card, only 1 sim with mobile data.
i have to charge the phone 2 times full for using it 16 hours (working day)
i bought it new, in march 2020.
i allways have to run battery saving settings.
usage (16 hours):

  • 2-3 hours calls
  • 1-2 hour video streaming
  • 1 to 2 hours audio/music (bluetooth)

3060mAh capacity is not state of the art anymore (~2018/19)
most of the time i have to carry a powerbank or a charger with me.

I would really like to use the FP3 over a longer period / lifecycle.
Are there any plans for a stronger battery?

Thx, Josef

You should not have to charge it twice in a day for your use I think. You probably have an issue.
Could you download an app like AccuBattery, let it run during a few days and see the health of the battery and the screen off discharging speed. If the latter is over 0.5% there’s something running that’s draining your battery.

FP3 is from 2019 :man_shrugging:

The problem is that you can’t make a stronger battery without making it bigger. As @angry_dodo already said, Lithium-Ion battery efficiency is already near maximum. So it would need a new phone or a new case. And for an official answer, this question was asked during the FP Livestream and the answer is no.


iPhone SE 2020: 1821 mAh
Pixel 4a 2020: 3140 mAh
Capacity is nothing you easily upgrade, it depends on the size of the battery

If you have to recharge it twice for 16 hours of use ( 3 full charges ) send you battery back unless thats 16 hours running video games or something like that.


thx for your advice, i will try the AccuBattery App.
sorry for not defining “twice” in detail. i mean 1 charge during night + 1 aditional full charge during day.

You can check this topic about battery experiences for FP3:

Maybe there is an app that constantly draws power so you phone discharges more quickly. Go to settings -> battery and see if there is any app that uses a lot of power or anything else that’s strange.

Also, you could buy a second battery and charge them both inside the phone (or with an external charger), so you can swap them out during the day when you need it. Not only would this eliminate your need to carry a power bank, but your colleagues would probably be very jealous since they can’t do the same trick with their phones :wink:

Keep in mind though, that discharging a lithium battery to (almost) 0% and charging it to 100% is very bad for it. It feels most comfortable when it’s around 50% charged, so you should try to keep it between 20% and 80%, or even better, 30-70.

I’m using the app Battery Charge Limit to ensure that my FP2 never gets charged above 80% even when I’m charging it over night (it has to be turned on for that to work, obviously), which you shouldn’t do otherwise. I’m not sure if the app needs root access though.

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Hallo Clemens,
danke für deine Empfehlungen! Den 2. Akku ziehe ich nicht in Erwägung, bringt logistisch keinen Vorteil gegenüber einer Powerbank. Das Lade- und Entladeverhalten von Li-ion Batterien ist mir bekannt. Die “Akku-Pflege” verlängert jedoch “nur” die Lebenszeit des Akkus, nicht aber seine Kapazität, danke trotzdem für den Input. Ich habe mir jetzt die App AccuBattery installiert, mal sehen, was sich hier herausfinden lässt. Evtl. arbeitet bei mir ja wirklich irgendetwas im Hintergrund.

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Hallo Josef,

ein Arbeitstag wird üblicherweise mit acht Stunden angesetzt, nicht mit 16 :wink: Aber zurück zu deinem Problem: Die modulare Bauweise des Fairphones hat ganz schlicht zur Folge, dass der Platz für mehr als 3060mAh nicht reicht - das FP3 ist eh schon reichlich klobig im Vergleich zum Wettbewerb, noch dicker würde der Markt schwerlich akzeptieren.

Ich habe mit meinem FP3 keinerlei Probleme, über den Tag zu kommen. Bin morgens meist bei 70+ Prozent Akku. Meine Nutzung ist allerdings auch nicht ganz so intensiv wie deine.

Ich würde trotzdem wie einige andere hier auch vermuten, dass irgendeine App deinen Akku über Gebühr belastet und drücke die Daumen, dass du dem Stromfresser mit AccuBattery oder sonstwie auf die Schliche kommst.

Viel Erfolg,

Hallo Thomas,

auch dir herzlichen Dank für deine Empfehlungen und Tipps!
16 Std. beziehen sich auf die Nutzungs- bzw. Betriebszeit des Handys während eines durchschnittlichen Werktags, Gott sei Dank nicht auf meine Arbeitszeit :wink:
Ich habe Dank der AccuBattery App herausgefunden, dass das Handy, warum oder welche Apps die Ursache sind weiß ich noch nicht genau, nicht in den Tiefschlafmodus geht. Daher ständig eine hohe Akkunutzung besteht. Wenn ich einen Neustart durchführe, sieht die prognostizierte Akkulaufzeit ganz anständig aus. Sollte also tatsächlich kein Hardware-Thema sein. Ich habe noch die Einstellungen für im Hintergrund arbeitende Apps optimiert und werde regelmäßig alle Apps schließen, die ich nicht in Verwendung habe.
Danke, Problem gelöst! Hiermit werde ich dieses Topic wieder schließen!
LG Josef


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