Designing 3D printed cases for the FP2. [looking for a beta tester]

Hello Fairphone community,

For the first Fairphone, a customer contacted me to design an unique 3D printed case for this phone.
It happened to be a very successful design (

I would like to make new designs for the Fairphone 2, and I am looking for a beta tester of the prototypes… that means also free cases :wink:
I looking for a fair person who ordered the FP2 and can take great pictures (tripod/dslr).!

Please contact me via PM if interested.




How you think to realize a FP2 case? I think it is quite more complicated, as it is an integral part of the FP2 itself…isn’t it?
Buttons integrated, also protects the screen etc…(there exist some discussion in the forum already…)
So, what is your plan?


I think he means external case

But why making a case around a case? As the FP2 integrated case is designed to protect the phone from 2m drops I cannot see the need for an additional case…so for what it will be?

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maybe for replacing the existing case by something more stylish/individual and adding more alternatives to the existing official case options?

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That would mean replacing the integrated case, which is indeed very complex, as @therob mentioned a few post earlier…

I don’t see a fundamentally bigger challenge in designing a 3-D printable integrated case for the FP2 than with the FP1 – if Fairphone releases the exact specifications again (like they did for the FP1) and there’s proper testing (which what this thread is meant for). The FP1 3-D cases had cut-outs for buttons and FP1 official cases had to make sure the buttons could be pushed as well, so that’s not new. As far as I can see from the pictures so far, the FP2 integrated case has no extra clips or such.