Deployment ASHA for FP3?

I just want to know whether Fairphone will provide the ASHA-Protocol witch I need for using my hearing aid with Fairphone.
Otherwise I think about another cell phone.
So sorry…

Just looking at your issue, though this is not much help maybe and definitely not a Fairphone resolution.

Thanks a lot amoun for the interesting link. Sadly, Fairphone must provide ASHA. Because Android 10 is configured by Fairphone for the Fairphone. And the ASHA protocol must be implemented by Fairphone.
If there is a way I can do it myself, I will do it. :innocent:

I think you certainly need to contact Fairphone themselves:

We are all just users here, so we can only speculate.

Some of what I read states there has to be a hardware chip to enable as well as the Android software and sadly I see no mention of such, and as @urs_lesse says official support should know.

A little more info that may be of use:

Firstly, the much anticipated arrival of Goggle’s ASHA (audio streaming for hearing aids). Secondly, the announcement of the new Bluetooth 5.2 standard. This adds Low Energy Audio streaming (LE Audio), a significant development that includes… audio streaming for hearing aids.

The big mistake was to assume that the former was a subset of the latter. ASHA and LE Audio are only very distant cousins.

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I have Android 10 from /e/ on my Fairphone 3.
I use hearing aids from Phonak in combination with the Phonak ComPilot ll.
So I hear the sound of the phone through Bluetooth/ComPilot in my hearing aids.


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