Delivery with DHL / FF2 private house delivery

Hello everyone,

I don’t really care about the delivery date but I would like to have some details about the delivery at a private house with DHL.

Do you know if Dhl can deliver in a mail box of a private house, without getting a signature?

I suppose the phone package will be small enough to fit in a standart french mail box…?
(235 mm X 24 mm)

I will not be at home , and I would like to know if I should change my delivery adress.


Of course this will require an official reply from Fairphone, as I can only guess, but I don’t think it’s possible to have it delivered in your mailbox. 24mm is very small and every phone I’ve seen so far was in a box, which was quite a bit bigger than that. Furthermore, we’re talking about a package worth ~540€, therefore I think it’s unlikely that the phones will be shipped without requiring a signature.


It’s 240mm, he forgot the 0 :slight_smile:

Ah that makes more sense I guess! :grin:

Nevertheless, from my experience with DHL and with valuable shipments I would very much doubt if they just drop it in your mailbox without a signature. However, that strongly depends on the country you’re living in and mostly on the way Fairphone is shipping the phones.

During delivery of the FP1 a personal signature WAS OBLIGATORY (If I remeber right DPD or UPS and with showing the passport)!

So I guess it will be the same for the FP2 - but maybe @Douwe can help us out for some delivery details…

I would guess NO. If the parcel was just dropped in your mailbox there is no proof of the delivery, and Fairphone would have to replace the phone if you say you never got it.
It sounds like you live in Germany (DHL), so there is no problem. If you are not at home you should get a note in your mailbox and can pick up the parcel at the post office with passport and signature.

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Actually I live in France but DHL was suggested as express mail shipping provider for the delivery in France for the FF2.
DHL is pretty commun in France but as they’re not link with the french national post comany it’s impossible to get the package in a post office.

No, no, it’s 24mm for the standard mail boxes for private house in France, without the «commun post key» which allow the postman to open the mail boxes.

Thanks again.

Peter974 you can define a “Wunschort” where the parcel will be droped if you are not @home.


  • Bestimmen Sie einen Ort, an dem Ihr Paket zugestellt oder abgeholt werden soll.
  • Legen Sie einen Ablageort auf Ihrem Grundstück fest, falls wir Sie zu Hause nicht antreffen - beispielsweise in Ihrer
  • Sie erhalten eine E-Mail oder Benachrichtigungskarte, wenn dort ein Paket auf Sie wartet.
  • Der Ablageort sollte…
    • sich auf Ihrem Grundstück befinden
    • trocken und wettergeschützt sein
    • für Dritte nicht einsehbar sein
    • Und für den Zusteller frei zugänglich sein.

oh I see. Could you change the delivery to something else, UPS perhaps? Again, here in Germany I can have UPS deliveries sent to a ,UPS station’ (normally a newspaper / post office combination) and pick it up there (with passport and signature).
I did not order FP2 so I don’t know what delivery possibilities they offer this time.
So probably @Douwe must come and help after all :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is possible for valuable deliveries that need a signature?

I think that is not possible in France.

Normally you have to sign each parcel that you get delivered. If you have defined a “Wunschort” these parcels also will be droped to your “wunschort” without a signature. e.g. I had several parcels from Amazon with different worth which where droped @my “Wunschort”. I do not know if the deliverer can set the signature mandatory. May be in this case it would not work.

Seems to be, that this is only a service for Germany.


You can expect FP2 delivery to be virtually identical to FP1 delivery. Signature will be required.

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If you’re not at home, normally DHL will leave a card. With the details on the card you can get in contact with DHL for a delivery on a time and date that is convenient for you.

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Peter, I suggest to you to give to FP just now an other address, a neighbour’s or family’s one, or the address where you are during the day (workshop, office and else.
And if it is actually not possible, just join the FP french page ( ) and explain your issue: the French community will give you a good solution :slight_smile: !