Delivery with Co-operative Mobile UK

So i ordered the fair phone 2 through the co-operative group uk with a simcard, and there was no obvious clue on the website that i was pre-ordering rather than ordering.

I’m kinda trying to find out, will i have to wait till may 31st to get my phone or will it likely be earlier.

are you that impaitent?

yes, i am, but i’m replacing a mobile that’s broken -it’s texts it plays music by the microphone it broken so it’s pretty frustrating getting calls and hearing “hello, hello hello”, also the wife is upset so if i have to i’ll get a cheap phone but obvs that’s money and more importantly wasteful.

I don’t think that anyone but the Co-op can give you that information.

As far as I understand, the Phone Coop did have a stock of FP2s - but what Paul said, you’d have to check with them directly regarding your order and when to expect delivery.

Probably true but they’re not great an communication, no dispatch date or any guidance on when I can expect one.

Thanks, I’ll see I guess…If/when they answer Thier email.

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