Delivery time of the current situation


I ordered a Fairphone 3 with battery and modular headphones on May 11th. Do you think I can expect delivery and delivery in the next week?

This is a community forum run by and for users, so I would recommend you contact Fairphone Support with your request (and ideally, your order number) at:

Note that Fairphone Support’s phones are only staffed again from tuesday.

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Hey there, im sad to tell you but i ordered mine the 6th of May :slight_smile: They still didnt send it
But its quite normal because im living in France, and because of this crisis delivery orders are late by 3-4 weeks :slight_smile:
So if you are, like me, living in France, i think you should not worry :slight_smile: If not i wish you’ll get it :slight_smile:

I live in Germany. Relatively close to the German-Dutch border. I’m ~40 kilometers from the Dutch border with Germany.

I just hope that the cell phone will be there next week. Shouldn’t take that long. Don’t live in Bavaria xD

I ordered mine on May 5th, and I’m still waiting. Germany too, also close to the border. The 3 weeks processing time they claim are over on Tuesday, so I guess everything is still within the time frame. 2 weeks ago I received an email, saying it would take anther 1-2 weeks to process, which would also meet the 2-3 weeks they claim because of corona. So basically it’s a waiting game but well within the rules so far

I haven’t received a single email yet. Neither a confirmation of delivery or similar

Because the phone is still in processing, The processing time frame is 2-3 weeks and then you get the delivery confirmation email with an estimated time of arrival. Assuming your store is in German: the status ‘Bestellung bestätigt’ means, that they are processing your phone, the next order status is the delivery. So unless you see the delivery status, there is no actual need of waiting around for your phone to arrive. If you want a better time frame, you might want to contact fairphone themselves, as they might know where the processing actually is timewise.
Oh and you should have the confirmation email that you ordered the phone, right?

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Yes, I received an order confirmation and a payment confirmation.

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then your phone is being processed and you’ll have to wait for the email that gives you a delivery confirmation.

Yes, I’m waiting for it all the time. I just hope that with 3 weeks Fairphone delivery is also included. If not, then I can actually only expect delivery in the next month. Unfortunately :frowning:

well they say on their website that processing time does not include delivery

Oh man. It is really disappointing. Then I won’t be able to hold my cell phone in my hand until next month. : '(

I was going to ask the question the other way round - if you’ve just received your FP3 in Germany, when did you place the order? That will give us a more realistic idea of when we can to expect to receive the phone.
I ordered mine on 2 May, the order has been confirmed, but it hasn’t been shipped yet. I completely understand the reasons for the delay, but a realistic idea about delivery dates would be great as my FP2 is on its last legs.

I have the same problem with a dying phone. But, I only placed my order a bit more than a week ago. Originally I expected the 2 weeks stated in the shop. But, apparently I should only start getting nervous in a few weeks :sweat_smile:

Hope, our phones will work until then :smiley:

Funnily mine worked a little better after I placed the order, so I’m still quite patient.
The only thing I was wondering about was, that the fairphone with /e/OS on it has been sold since May 6th (as far as i know) and the first batch has already been sent out and some have received theirs (was announced on twitter). So basically people who ordered after us from the /e/OS website have received their phone earlier. But I guess they have a seperate stock and planned for their release while Fairphone had to continuously keep delivering

So if I hold the Fairphone 3 in my hand, I will be happy to let you know so that you know how long it could take before it will be with you in Germany

Also wenn ich das Fairphone 3 in der Hand halte, dann sage ich euch gerne Bescheid, damit ihr wisst wie lange es ungefähr dauern könnte bis es bei euch in Deutschland sein wird

Quick update: My order status in the shop webiste is as of today: preparing order! or in german: Versand wird vorbereitet. I haven’t received the official email with a date yet, but I guess I’ll get it as soon as DHL has the package as then it is in their hands to get it to me!
Things are moving forward

Same for me! After exactly 20 days, so one day before you. But as you, still no email, i guess it should arrive after less than 24 hours : )
I think it could be interesting for other people ordering their phone to see each delay between paying and “preparing order” at some dates.
So for now we can say that a customer should expect nearly 20 days, which is in the given delay from Fairphone for France delivery (3-4W), which is not for Germany i guess.

Ordered FP3 + USB cable on April 15, payment processed on April 18, shipment confirmed on May 19 and received on May 22.

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Good news here too. Order placed for FP3 on 2 May, shipped today, so 24 day delay for me. From the other responses, I guess a batch has arrived and is being processed. Looking forward to having a phone that doesn’t reboot all the time :smiley:
I hope my protective case (ordered on 22 May) isn’t too far behind.

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