Deleting email accounts from my fp2

Hi folks, pls forgive my technical ineptitude, but I can’t find how to delete email accounts from my Fp2.
Suddenly, I can’t send emails from my phone - they just sit in the outbox & I can’t make them move from there. As this is a very recent problem, I wondered if the email program had become overloaded. I have email accounts on my phone for my son & husband from when we had no computer for a short while & would like to delete these - only from my phone of course! They are both outlook accounts & so will exist on some cloud somewhere & I just need to find out how to get my phone not to download all those emails!
Help will be much appreciated with many thanks ,

Which email program do you use? Do you use a 3rd party email provider from within your email program, or is it about e.g. gmail mailaddress inside Gmail?


Thanks so much for getting back to me Amber. The email program is the one that came with my FP2 - I just used what came with it & used the one called Email, not the one called Gmail. The accounts I’m looking to remove from my phone are all of the type * which I think might be Microsoft?

Hope that’s what you were asking about. When I go into Email on my FP2 & go to Settings, I see all the accounts I have connected to my phone. One of these is linked to one of my websites (I want to keep this one on my phone) & the others are all of the form *

There is the option to add an account here, but I can’t see an option to remove any of the accounts.

Thanks so much, Andrea

Alright, I never used this program and I didn’t find an easy solution somewhere on internet. In theory you could easily delete the personal settings for this application and while this should remove everything included the account you still want to keep in case it may remain a setting in Settings -> Account where you can also delete this particular account by clicking on it.

On the other hand there is eventually someone using this app who can tell how to delete a particular account of this app or re-start synchronising it.

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Many thanks Amber. As you don’t use the Email app, would you recommend the Gmail one or another email client app?

I personally use R2Mail2, but K-9 Mail seems to be very popular among the forum users.


I use a commercial email program. For non-special use I rather recommend open source software email programs. The F-Droid app store specialised in such software has several apps of this kind, such as K-9 mail, FairEmail, pEp, and more. I find all of them are good, it’s personal choice.


I’ve just had another look at this & managed to delete the account from my fp2 using the Settings/Accounts path you suggested. I found it under Personal (IMAP) with the email symbol (letter coming out of envelope) beside it. Thanks so much, Amber.

It hasn’t solved the problem of emails suddenly not sending, but for clarity, I’ll start a separate help query on this. Many thanks again, Andrea

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And thankyou Amber & Tobias for your suggestions of open source email clients. I’ve not felt confident enough in my technical abilities to go open sounrce, but perhaps I’ll give it a go now. :smiley:

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