Deleted outlook 365 account - cannot re-create it?

Things were not going well with my Outlook 365 account, so I removed the account. The account is no longer listed in the list of accounts.
Now I want to re-create it. But when I enter name and password, I get the error message “Account is al verbonden - Dit account is al eerder verbonden” (In English probably something like: ‘Account is already connected. This account was previously already connected.’)

Any clue as to what I can do to recreate the account?

Thanks for helping me out!

You could try to delete the cache of the app (settings–>apps), or reboot the device before attempting again to add the account.

Thanks, that worked, I’ve added the account again. Although: since my OS-update I have no option to reboot when turning the phone off (only option is to turn it off) and: my contacts do not synchronize. I’ll make two separate items out of that…

This feature request is already on the official #bugtracker