Delete an account on my Fairphone2

I am trying to delete an account on my Fairphone but can’t find it. I know this topic looks like an earlier one but in that one I didn’t find the solution either.
The only possibility i see is add an account.

AFAIK you cannot remove your main Google account in Fairphone OS (in fact, in any Android OS with Google services). The only way of doing that is factory reseting it, losing all your data in the way.

Said so, to remove any other account you need to go to Settings → (Personal) Accounts → Tap into the account you wish to delete → Open the menu → Remove account.


By the way, just to clarify this:
What @Roboe describes is a removal of accounts which is not the same as deleting an account (what @Gerda_Horneman mentioned in her first post). If you delete an account, the account itself does not exist anymore. Removing an account e.g. in Fairphone OS only means to not use the removed account anymore in this specific place, the account itself exists further.


I don’t know whether this is precisely the same problem that Gerda was having, but I cannot remove any of the accounts on my Fairphone 2.

Fairphone Open 18.04.1

What I want to do:
Remove a Microsoft Exchange email account, as my company has just switched to Outlook 365 and they recommend removing the old account from an Android phone and setting up a new account in order update to the new settings

What I have tried:

  • Settings > Accounts > Clicking on the account name > clicking on the vertical ‘…’ menu - the only option is ‘Sync now’; there is no option to remove the account.
  • Email > Settings > Clicking on the account name > Incoming settings (under Server settings) > wait while it says ‘Validating server settings…’, message pops up saying ‘Unfortunatel, Email has stopped’ and I’m taken back to the Settings screen.

Happy to provide more info as needed! Any advice…?

Many thanks, Lucy

Sometimes you have an “Accounts” submenu inside an “Account” entry. E.g.:

I have a Firefox entry on SettingsAccount. Inside that, I have a submenu Accounts which lists each of my Firefox accounts by id (e-mail I registered with), prepending a sync icon :arrows_counterclockwise:. Inside each Firefox account, the menu has the Remove account option.

Hope it helps you. And thanks for searching the forum for similar issues before opening a new thread, :slight_smile: :+1:

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Reading through this topic it´s not easy for me to divide what´s actually meant using the term “account”.
In one case I would understand deleting an account on my Fairphone2 as “deleting a user profile

In another case I would understand deleting an account from a second party e.g. Google account, M$-Outlook/Exchange email account which are completely different procedures.

For deleting a FP2 user profile you may find this option in settings->Users. Actually this is not much different as having another M$-Windows user profile installed on a conventional computer

For deleting an account this is found at settings->accounts.

Closing a Google account may be done by login into it selecting this specific option from within. On the mobile there is only an option for an immediate sync.

Maybe here are more accounts listed beside Google e.g. signal or whatsapp.
Selecting an account and taping the menu dots in the upper right gives you the option to remove the corresponding app account.


I don´t think so, as any Android phone can generally be used right after unboxing without even having entered any account data yet.

Every Google account can be logged into by any device or computer with valid credentials. From there the account can be closed/deleted without your registered mobile taking notice of it. I don´t see a way of loosing data on the mobile unless the user has enabled specific security options in his online account in case of a lost or destroyed mobile.


For me this is rather an app issue to deal with. Your mobile is only the email client, not the email host. So simply drop the old account (not sync it anymore). Your companies server admin has to take care of the rest.
I´m not quite sure if M$-Exchange and M$-Outlook use the same Android app.
If so, clear the apps cache&data at settings->apps swipe to all and select the corresponding email app. After this reconfigure your app to sync with Outlook 365.

If there are two separate apps simply configure the new one for Outlook.
Then also clear the cache&data of the old email app and finally uninstall it.

That´s what I can provide to my understanding.

I don’t want to sound rude, but please, consider my past experience and Android knowledge. Be kind and don’t refute my words on “I don’t think so”.

Based on my wide past experience, once you login with a Google account in an Android phone, that phone is linked to that Google account. This fact is not comparable with “a desktop browser logging in X service” because a browser is an user agent, but Google’s login in Android is a system-integrated login. The linked account is then unremovable in the device, to avoid conflics with how user apps interact with Google Services (apps usualy store the UUID of the main Google account and diverse tokens for specific services, and use them to connect directly to Google Services). The only way to remove an account is factory reseting the phone.

And yes, of course you can use Google Services without linking an account first, but when you do, all that stored information is then linked to that Google account’s data. The reverse is not possible (A→B doesn’t necessarily mean B→A).

Read carefully the reply of myself that you quoted above. I only said factory resetting a phone involves deleting all the data it contains, which of course is not the data Google has on their servers about you, including your user profile/account (you know what a client and a server are, based on your comment).

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I should have specified that I’m using Fairphone OpenOS, i.e. I’m attempting to be Google-free.

I tried again to remove my old Exchange account and realised that it was possible to click on the account email address, which finally took me to a screen where I could remove the account. The steps were:

  1. Settings > Accounts > Exchange
  2. Click on account email address (where it said ‘sync error’)
  3. On the Sync page, click on the three vertical dots in the top-right to open that menu, and select ‘Remove account’.

Thanks for your help and advice, @Roboe and @Patrick1 - it encouraged me to persist in looking for the solution! @Patrick1, simply not syncing my old account wasn’t an option, as I couldn’t attempt to set up a new account until the old one was removed, because they shared the same email address.

Unfortunately, even having removed the old account it’s not possible for me to set up a new Exchange ActiveSync account using the native email app on Fairphone Open OS 6.0.1. When I try, the Email app crashes with the message ‘Unfortunately, Email has stopped’. This problem is reported by many people here: Exchange account. E-mail application shuts down, and the issue documented here: I’ve resigned myself to using the Outlook app for now :frowning:


Glad you’re #livingwogoogle, it’s a conscious decision choosing freedom, :blush:

I guess what I’ll say now it’s not a problem with you right now or in the foreseeable future —since you run Android 6 Marshmallow and only A7 Nougat is planned for the FP2—, but anyway, for your information: I’ve read that in A8 Oreo, the ActiveSync protocol guts have been moved from the AOSP E-mail client to GMail (GApps). I can’t cite any official source for that, but there’s an issue some user opened at the microG repo, though.

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