Degoogle with Lineage OS, Lineage for microG, or /e/?

Hello world, I want to degoogle and wanted your take on which OS to run.

  1. which is most stable? I can tolerate some instability, but would prefer not to have to backup externally daily because of frequent factory resets.

  2. what is the difference between LOS and LOS+microG? If LOS doesn’t have the APIs for apps looking for Google services, what apps are available on it? Can I still use Aurora and F-Droid? Is the security flaw potential of microG really that high?

  3. would /e/ actually be better than either LOS? Could I still use normal apps from Aurora and F-Droid?

If these questions have already been answered in a comment somewhere, I’ll gladly take a redirect! Couldn’t find a thorough answer in a search though, the discussion level was either too superficial regarding OS installation or too deep.

Yes, you can use both of these on LineageOS as well as on /e/OS.

Basically, /e/OS can be described as “LineageOS plus” because it is based on the work Lineage does and then adds some of its own special features on top of it (its own app installer, its own synching for contacts/email/calendar, its own iOS-reminiscent launcher, microG if you want to).


Or it can be described as “LineageOS minus” because it lacks the stability of LOS, from my own experience. Bugs are not resolved for a long time, e.g. the integrated K9-fork as email client is not (or was not? I gave up on /e/) able to store attachments. The fix has been postponed to the next release for at least two times. The workaround proposed is: use the upstream k9 for the time being, as the integrated version is horribly outdated. What is the point of having built-in apps that don’t work because they are outdated and won’t be fixed for several months?
Additionally, the microG is (or was?) horribly outdated, so that there were a lot of problems and it couldn’t be updated separately because it is a system app.
These are only two examples. Furthermore, the Quality control is suboptimal, every update there are reports on bootlooping devices (not only FP3).
If you care about privacy in general (and not only degoogling) and are able to read German, I suggest to have a look at the blog-series Take back control by Mike Kuketz and install LOS 17.1 which is working rather nicely. [EDIT: this series guides through the process of setting up LOS a lot more privacy a protecting]

The only “plus” for /e/ which I see is the online storage/backup which makes it more an ecosystem than an OS only. On the other hand, this is not super-capable, so seedvault would be at least as good, IMHO.

You can see, I am a disappointed user of /e/. I think the concept is great but the execution is very poor.


Personally I’ve rooted the phone and removed all the google services and qualcomm telemetry from FairphoneOS (Stock) via a root explorer. Installed microg afterwards. Works for me


theres also iode, an other interesting alternative i’m using
Out of curiosity, is the fairphone OpenOS still in dev?

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For the Fairphone 2 supposedly yes (beta testers of the Android 9 version of Fairphone OS for the Fairphone 2 are told Fairphone Open OS is to get an Android 9 release, too, after the imminent non-open OS release).

For the Fairphone 3 currently no, Fairphone set up an official partnership together with /e/ instead.


On my part, I’ve been using /e/ on my FP3 for almost one year now and have met absolutely no problem.
I’m a normal phone user, Google hater, no tech genius at all, only been able to flash /e/ on my brand new phone, no more. Suits me perfectly.