Defective cover?

Hi, I have just received my Fairphone 2 here in Rome, Italy and I think that the cover is defective?
Di you think I could fix it? What should I do?

Take off the cover and have a look at the points where the button is connected to the cover.
In my case the rubbery thing, the button is attached to was not put on properly. Therefore the cover did not get connected to the black frame properly.
I would guess, that’s the reason for your problem too.

Edit: The buttons are fixed to the black frame of course. The problem stays the same.
Checked again:

That’s how it should look like (other colour of course :wink: )
If the black “button” does not completely poke through the rubbery part, the black frame does not fit and the red back cover can not click home.
Well, that was the case for me.
I had to cut the rubbery part a little bit, as it was to long as well, not fitting into the omission of the black frame.


You were right! I removed the cover and the button was positioned in the wrong way. Thank you so much!


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