Default SIM card for calls changed after restart

I have two SIM cards in my FP3. The one in the first slot is my default for everything.

Well, as long as I do not restart the phone that is. Because when I do that then suddenly the second SIM card is the default for calls (while the first SIM card is still the standard for data and SMS).

Does anyone else have that problem? I have not found another discussion about this, which leads me to believe that it is not a common problem, but I cannot know for sure.

Now I am at least aware of the problem and just always revert the setting after a restart. Still, if anyone knows a possible fix I would love to hear about it.

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What OS and version are you using?

I’m sure that used to be the default. Switching off and restarting would swap SIMs

Does it switch back when you restart it again?

You say you have one SIM as default, how did you set that?

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Do you have a SIM PIN for both? If not setting SIM could help with this.

Please see here e.g.


My second SIM card did indeed not require me to enter the PIN. I changed that setting and now the problem is gone. So the first SIM card now remains the default for everything, even after a restart. Thank you, @yvmuell!

So the issue is now resolved, but below I’m answering amouns question, since the answers might be of interest to people who stumble upon this thread later on:
I’m using Android 11 (with the security update from October 5), so just the standard OS
Restarting the phone again after the settings had changed after a restart didn’t change them once more. So when the second SIM card became the default for calls my phone was happy and had no intention to change the settings once more.
Setting a SIM card as default for data/calls/SMS can be done in Network & Internet > choose that SIM card > and there one has the settings data/calls/SMS preference. Maybe there were other ways to do this in the past, but with the FP3 it always worked like this, from what I know.


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