Default searchengine does not give the option DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is the most private and honest searchengine out there and therefor it is a logic choice for a Fairphone as default searchengine. Yet I can not select it, it is just not in the short list of google, Bing, Yahoo and
It is already my startpage, but is there a way to set DuckduckGo as default search engine.

Assuming you’re talking about the default browser: can’t it be added by going to duckduckgo, clicking the ‘add to xxxx’ banner, and then following the instructions? For example, on chrome* it will show up as an option under ‘recently visited’…

*If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t use Chrome.


Me and also Edward Snowden tend to state it is Startpage (Ixquick). Based on Google search results but assuring full privacy protection…anyway

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Actually, something open source is the most private, since you can actually see the code. You don’t have to take the word of a founder who has a history of selling user data (cough, cough Gabriel Weinberg and Names Database). YaCy searx or Jive Search

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Yep, having the source code at hand makes it easy to recognize any misleading modification.
YaCy looks interesting and seems to work similar to the TOR network. But the drawback which I see here is having single compromised peers. On a quick glance I could not find out how any protection mechanism against this is established.

Thanks for your answers. Especially startpage is in the picture now. But the original question is not answered: I still have no way to change the standard search engine to any other than the given 4: google, Bing, Yahoo and
To change the default search engine I press in the browser:

  • Hamburger menu
  • Settings (instelloingen)Advanced (Geavanceerd)
  • Set searchengine (Zoekmachine instellen)
    That is the screen where I would like to change to 4 to DuckduckGo (and Startpage and Jive Search etc)

Have you tried the suggestion by Johannes? That is, visiting which should offer to install DuckDuckGo as search engine.

Can’t try it myself because all my phones already have DuckDuckGo and as far as I remember above procedure was how I got it.

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Please tell us which browser you are talking about.

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