Default reset proximity sensor calibration

I messed up my proximity sensor calibration, now the touchscreen won’t respond to anything.
Please advise if there is a hard button solution to reset the proximity sensor to default settings.

I don’t know of a hard button solution, that sounds like a very specific thing to reset with a button or button combination.

Did you only lose touchscreen functionality, or is the display constantly turned off now?

If you only lost touchscreen functionality,

  • if connected to a charger, try disconnecting the charger.

  • you could connect a mouse (and a keyboard, but a mouse is more important now) via a USB OTG adapter to replace the touchscreen temporarily.

In any case you could turn off your phone, turn it on again and boot into recovery (press Volume Up while turning it on) to see whether the touchscreen works in recovery.
Then reboot the phone into the OS and see whether rebooting perhaps solved anything (it’s a computer afterall :wink: ).


It worked, hurray! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hurray indeed, but just for reference if others may stumple upon this: What worked? Rebooting?

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