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Hi there,

following problem: On my FP3, I used the standard gmail client to connect to an IMAP account. Sadly, the data on the IMAP server was lost. Nevertheless in the FP3 mail app I can still see and access quite a lot of mails, which I would now like to recover.

I used MyPhoneExplorer, but the path /Android/data/ only contains a small fraction of the mails that are visible in the app.

Does anybody know where the gmail app database is located and if I can access it for backup? The FP3 is not rooted.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Taxecron and welcome to the community and the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

App databases are not exposed to casual browsing.

However you may be able to recover the mails that you still see in the Gmail app through normal techniques.
I’m assuming that you no longer have access to the failed IMAP account.

If you create a new IMAP account, and configure access to it using the same Gmail app, you should be able to create a folder in the new account, and then move the mails from the lost account to that folder. IMAP allows this, though I don’t know whether the Gmail app implements this. Worth a try anyhow.


Hi OldRoutard,

thanks for the answer. Unfortunately the Gmail app is not suited to copy around mails between accounts. Unless there is anther possibility to access the database, I will probably have to set a new SMTP on the old account and forward all mails to the new account… But thats a Gmail problem, maybe I can check there.

You can do this in FairEmail I recommend highly.

I know, and also K-9. Will definitely change to one of those solutions. Lesson learned.

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