Default country code always +31?

Hello, sometimes calling a (gsm) number here in Belgium, either starting with +32 or with no country code, I see afterwards in ‘Recent calls’ that the country code has been changed to +31, hence when I try to call again it fails.
I saw on the internet some suggestions related to defaults in ‘gmail’, but as I am with open OS and not using gmail, I guess I cannot do it this way.
I already put the +32 country code in all my contacts as I got it there too. Now the problem remains with the ‘abbreviated numbering’: even though this explicitly mentions +32, the recent call afterwards indicates +31.
Am I the only one to meet this problem, is there a way to change the default country code to say that I am not living in Netherlands ?

Just checked my call log and found everything to be fine i.e. no changed country codes.
However, my FP2 is on FP OS 1.7.1 and I’m living in Germany, So your issue must either be related to FP Open OS or to your phone service provider - or the telephone app in case you might be using a non-standard app.

I don’t have this problem. I’m also living in Belgium (my provider is Proximus), and I use the regular OS. So maybe the phone is thinking you live in the Netherlands for some reason? Do you have the language on “Nederlands (België)”? Or are there other places where you can choose/indicate the country you’re living in? On your Google-account, maybe?

Which phone numbers get changed? Do you have an example, and is it an outgoing or incoming call?

Using FP normal OS, not Open, numbers of outgoing calls are saved exactly in the way I typed them which can be any notation, rather than converting to a number with country codes.

Hello, to answer above suggestions (thanks for the interest)

  • the language is set to French;
  • I use the standard app
  • I observed it (already sometimes before I switched to open os) after calling.
    Since I added the +32 in my ‘contacts’ entries, it seems to work properly for them; but in the left tab ‘abbreviated numbering’ (I do not know if it is labeled so in English), where I can find the numbers called frequently, he proposes the whole number with +32, makes the call correctly but afterwards I find this +31 in the recent calls and of course he does no longer assign the name of the contact.
    Maybe it could be due to the operator (Medion mobile, from Aldi) - I will try once with my other sim card. I did not yet observe it when calling fixed phones.

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