Debian Kit misses 'su' cmd

Does anybody use the Debian Kit from FDroid?
On my FP2, after start the app claims that it did not find any valid ‘su’ cmd. My FP2 is rooted of course and ‘su’ is located in /system/bin.

@Stanzi didn’t you try the same once and ran into the same issue?

Yes I did AND PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! I used the App Linux Deploy and somehow after I uninstalled it MY ENTIRE INTERNAL STORAGE WAS DELETED (pictures, music, videos, …)! I don’t know if this was my fault, but please just don’t do it.

Well,“Linux deploy” is a chroot app and with these you can “screw up” your android. But “Debian kit” does not chroot. Instead it is installed in a file which is then mounted as a loop device. Simply deleting this file removes Debian again. - So bottom line uninstalling “Debian kit” does not touch android’s functionality at all.

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Just to make sure, when you say ‘of course’, you say that because FP open comes with toggle-able root access by default, right? And presumably you remembered to enable access to su under developer options in Android settings as well.

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I had the same problem that debiankit would not find su.
Since this was the only app needing root on my device, I replaced it with termux for the occasional cmdline needs.

Yes, I have some other apps requiring “root” (firewall …) and would like to have some nice programs from the Debian repository on my phone.

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