Dead phone... and no support from FP support?

My FP3 died on me a few weeks ago… it was in my pocket, gave a notification buzz - I went to check it and no response… I’ve tried to reset it, take battery out, charge it etc etc… (no charge light at all)… totally dead.

I’ve messaged the support team and had an initial response back over 10 days ago and getting no response from them…

has anyone else had their phone completely die like this and also had no response from FP support?

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Hi gap736uk

not sure if this helps but what you described sounds to me similar to a case which I had lately on my partner´s mobile - a Nokia 5.4

From one day to the next the almost fresh device (still in guarantee time; below 1/2 year) went black and couldn´t be started anymore. Also while plugging the charger cable in didn´t seem to work (no reaction like charge light). Last but not least the device didn´t start anymore and also connecting it to a pc didn´t show up any sort of connection as if the device was really dead.

So we sent it back on guarantee. A few days later the retailed sent us back the device - working again. Along with it they reported the device had a ‘depth discharge’.
I can only assume that they kept it charging even while the charge light and display stayed black until the encessary loading level of the battery was high enough again (since Nokia’s battery can´t be exchanged easily like the FP3)

So maybe giving it a long time to load may change the issue on your side.
Alternatively -if possible- it could be helpful to check if this issue can be fixed if you exchange the battery with another one (take a look about the #fairphoneangels
. Maybe there´s one near you where you can easily exchange and test if it´s battery-related …)

Hope this helps …



Have a read at the wiki completely empty battery.
It’s worth a try.


same here ):
did you managed this damage?
any response? its 11 days now… really disappointing!!
nice greetings

Maybe I’m not reading enough but going by the post you replied to
a) It wasn’t a Fairphone, so what response are you reffering to
b) It was mangaged by the retailer, it seems by charging

Dead phone… and no support from FP support?

Fairphone 3 died out of the blue. no response from support team. I need help


I saw that but your comment above didn’t and still doesn’t make any sense.

You have a topic about your problem, but the one you repsonded to here is a different one with a Nokia as an example.

Back to your topic is best then.

Just to sort things a bit …

@hansvondingen: This topic here indeed sounds similar to your new one, so it would indeed be interesting whether it got somehow resolved for the topic creator @gap736uk.

But as @anon9989719 spotted well and pointed out you directly replied to @DonFnord’s post with the Nokia example, which conceptually is not ideal.
I think the creator of a topic will get notified about every post in it, at least by default, so it might still work out overall. (And I explicitly mentioned the creator to increase the probability via a different notification, if configured.)


Hi hansvondingen

All you´re asking for is already inside that post from me. Read carefully then also you get the answer :wink:

If this isn´t enough then read the ‘short summary’ response by @anon9989719 below your post.
Then you got all you need to know.

damn. I replied to the wrong post…
wanted to reply gap736uk`s post

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