Dead Hamburger Menu

Hi on my ‘fair’ phone generation 3 I have a Firefox icon to the
Uploading: Screenshot_20220219-125731_1.png…

However the blue hamburger is not playing, well it is but playing dead, so I ‘have’ to edit the url from ‘www’ to ‘forum’

No probs with desktop site.

Will post image if clarity is wanted

Just wondering if this is just me or anyone else has this fried hamburger before I dump on the official vendor.

Problem uploading screenshot via FP3 works fine. The hamburger menu on the forum sometimes disappears, a refresh fixes that most of the time. I think they should update their theme soon, it’s not getting better with every Discourse update. Using Firefox as well, but on a Pixel 3 with Android 12.

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I’d anyway recommend to use the “Fairphone original” theme which you can find under preferences->interface.


Thanks, sorry that was ‘www’ not ‘shop’

Using the existing ‘mobile’ css there’s no ‘interface’ option. Will try ‘desktop’ mode

Nope even in ‘desktop’ to I have no such option.
Will wait till I have access to a pc.


It should work on mobile too, go to this menu and then check the Theme option. Set that to “Fairphone original”, which indeed has the least issues. But would’ve been great if their custom theme works again. Because it does look nice.

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OK Interface is under accounts but the same issue with the alternate ‘theme’

The menu hamburger is dead if I use ‘www’

Works fine with ‘shop’

Sorry, don’t understand what you’re trying…

Re the blue hamburger menu top left

Using it works

Using it does not

Works fine here. I only have occasional issues on the forum.

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