Dead Fairphone 2- Parts?

I have a Fairphone 2 that had a ton of problems, slowly lost functionality, and will no longer turn on. If anyone would like it for parts, just pay for the shipping from Canada.

Don’t know what shipping cost to UK would be, but you can leave out battery if makes process any easier. Would payment via PayPal be acceptable to you?

How about the top module/selfie camera? Is it with a 5 MP camera (newest)? Did you experience any problems with that part? What would the costs be with shipping to the Netherlands?

Greetings, Julia

I think it would be by far the best solution if someone in Canada took this. If any of the modules can still be used, it could save Canadians so much hassle and costs to get ahold of these this way rather than by organizing the difficult shipment from the Netherlands do Canada.

I’ll link to this in the Canada topic.


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