Dead after dropping in toilet

Hi. Is there anyone with a working fp2 living close to Bludenz, Austria?
I need to test which part of my phone is broken. I accidently dropped it into the toilet.
The other question is if l should invest money in spare parts as my phone is already 4,5 years old? Before the accident it was working well except of the battery, which is normal after such long time. The Android Version is also not very secure anymore…
I thought of sending in my fp2 am getting a fp3 is better?

Hi, first of all you might want to check out the #waterwiki tips to see if you can get your FP2 back to work. If you’re lucky enough, it would definitely be a good idea to get a new battery (€10 should be a good investment).

Fairphone has recently announced that they are beta testing Android 9 for the FP2, which means a more secure Android version is around the corner.

But if you can afford it and want to stay with Fairphone, a FP3 is clearly the better choice. Larger display, a much improved battery life and less annoying hardware-related bugs.

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Please have a look at #fairphoneangels.

Thanks, but there is no fairphone angel close. I checked that already.

You could try, if you feel like it, to install another OS like /e/OS or LineageOS that would perhaps be a bit more up to date. But indeed, as @teezeh said, android 9 should be coming soon.

I would think the main problem would be the hardware. But if you change spare parts it shoulf hold. It depends if you really want your phone to be perfectly reliable, and to work smoothly, and then you may want to buy a FP3, or if you prefer great sustainability for your phone, in which case you may be able to keep it a few years going by changing the spare parts (4.5 years is already good though, I hope I’ll be able to do as good).

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