De Google search beam / bar on screen FP5

Good Morning Fairphone Lovers,

I’m a newby in this community, and looking for an answerd about my Fairphone 5. Does anyone know how to remove the searchbeam from Google? Everytime when I open my phone it appears.
As many of us, I’m no fan of Google, so normally use other devices for searching, hopefully the /e/Os for Fairphone 5 appears quickly, but until than I want to remove the search beam of Google, how can I do that? Can somebody help me with that?

Allready thanks

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I’ve read, that if you just disable the google app an then restart your phone, it disappears.

I’ve just switched to nova launcher, which does the trick too.


I’d say just use a different launcher (I also use Nova).
I’m not sure if there’s a way to get rid of all the google components in the standard launcher, but having a completely configurable launcher instead of some locked down rubbish is nice by itself. I haven’t even looked at other launchers since I first started using Nova, 5 phones ago (or something, let’s see… FP5, FP3, Nokia, Wileyfox, Wileyfox!)

Or root your FP5 and debloat it. Very easy compared to other phones

Yep, another launcher does the job quite well. I also recommend Nova. And disabling as many Google Apps as possible :wink: A VPN for filtering unwanted connections and ads and you are good to go.

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Thanks people, got ride of some unused Google App’s and problem solved :wink:

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The Lawnchair launcher is it for me. Does not want as many rights as Nova. Both sure are better than the stock launcher.


How does it work?

Hoe werkt dat?


the root… see here:

then I removed/debloated the googlequicksearchbox

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Another option for those who want a de-Googled experience all around is /e/OS (Murena). It’s not all that hard to install. It started as basically just a LineageOS with all the vestiges of Googleness (Googleocity? Googleshite?) taken out and microG baked in, and since then it has come a long way. It has the setting (unfortunately not enabled by default but easily done) to ask your permission for every app that tries to register for push notifications (via Google servers). It also has some really interesting advanced privacy settings.

If you want to go even further, you can root your phone (which is very easy with the FP5 and /e/OS) and run “App Manager”. It can detect common tracker subsystems inside apps and selectively disable just those parts of the app.


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