🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Problem: Posteo E-Mailprogramm einrichten

Ich habe einen E-Mail-account bei Posteo und möchte von meinem neuen Fairphone darauf zugreifen. Wenn ich die Anweisung von Posteo befolge ( https://posteo.de/hilfe/wie-richte-ich-posteo-in-einem-mailprogramm-ein-pop3-imap-und-smtp?lang=de ) bekomme ich jedes Mal die Meldung “Verbindung zum Server kann nicht geöffnet werden”. Mein Login und Passwort sind ganz sicher richtig.
Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn mir jemand weiterhelfen kann!
Vielen Dank!

@Maya you might also want to ask your question in English so other Fairphone owners can also help you out! Although Posteo seems very German, so you might need a German owner indeed :smile:

Thanks for your advice… I don’t know any non-German speaking posteo users so I figued I might as well post this question in German.
But for whoever is interessted, too, here’s my quetion in English:

I cannot get my e-mail account ( posteo.de ) running with the pre-installed E-Mail programme. I followed the instructuions on the posteo page ( https://posteo.de/hilfe/wie-richte-ich-posteo-in-einem-mailprogramm-ein-pop3-imap-und-smtp?lang=de ). Each time I tried this, I was told that it cannot conect to the Server. I double checked password and username and that all correct.
Can anyone help me fix the problem? Or should I download K9 Mail and try again?
Thanks for your help!!

I would try K9 Mail and forget the pre-installed E-Mail program.

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Since I couldnt find a solution I decided to download K9 Mail and it was a matter of 1 minute to get everything working… I wonder why FP uses such a dodgy programme as default? I read that other users are unhappy with the default email programme, too, because it comes from Google and cannot be deleted. Is that right?
And I wish I could change the K9 icon…

Thanks for your help!

maybe this app will help you: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.iconchanger.customize


K9 is better than the default android email app, so better choice :slight_smile: I doubt it’s a problem specifically with FP

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You can use third party apps (I use Titanium Backup) to delete apps like the stock Android/Google mailer. I never tried deleting it myself, though. There is no real point in doing so for me. ^^

[Edith says: I should mention that I did uninstall some Google apps, using Titanium Backup, and that I am having some trouble since. Google Search keeps crashing all the time, and I currently can’t re-install it from the backup since I stupidly had overwritten the backup later. Now, I’m stuck with that error message; an update of Google Search from the play store cannot be applied due to a storage problem. Bottom line: Make. Enough. Backups. :facepalm: ]

@maya, these settings worked instantly: