🇩🇪 :GB: FP1U lässt sich nicht mehr anschalten/ seems dead

Hello everybody,
as I’m not shure, that I’m able to describe the problem in propper English I will do it in German as well.
The FP1U stays black and does not react to any action. The battery was not empty, but about 70% full. When I connect it with the charger, there is no light. I read almost every post that seemed relatet to my problem and tryed several suggested actions: battery removed over night, first charger in, than battery and so on. I don’t have a second battery here to test, but when the problem occures last time, there was a second Fairphoner with me and we changed the battery. No reaction.
Since last summer from time to time the phone crashed down while using it (during phone calls oder internet actions) and I had to start it from the beginning. But it was possible to start it at once.
But now it happened several times, that I’m not able to start it again. It remains black and quiet. I can’t see a certain relation to an action/situation before or if the battery is empty or not. And then, after 10, 20 oder 40 Minutes, it started again. Bun now it is dead vor more than 24 hours.
Where to search for the reason? Is it the on/off-Button? Is the battery too old? Could it be the charger? Is the a problem with contacts?

Das Gerät lässt sich nicht mehr einschalten. Ich habe so ziemlich ALLE Ratschläge für diesen Fall ausprobiert, die hier vorgeschlagen werden. Die Vorgeschichte ist, dass dies im letzten halben Jahr schon 3-4 mal passiert ist, das Gerät sich aber nach spätestens 45 Minuten wieder einschalten ließ. Es gibt auch keine Reaktion, wenn ich das Gerät ans Ladekabel hänge (Datenkabel, Steckdose), kein Licht leuchtet auf. Ich kann keinen Zusammenhang mit einer speziellen Situation sehen, in der das geschieht. Beim ersten Auftauchen des Problems war die Batterie runter auf 17%, aber danach passierte das nur bei ausreichend vollem Akku. Bislang war spätestens nach 40 Minuten Akku raus und wieder rein der Spuk beendet, wobei ich nicht mal sagen könnte, dass das die Lösung war. Jetzt stellt es sich seit 24 Stunden tot und reagiert auf nichts.

Wo kann das Problem liegen? Wo soll ich suchen? Ich habe keinen Reparatur-Laden an der Hand, der sich mit dem Fairphone auskennt und bin selber keine Elektronik-Bastlerin. Was könnt Ihr mir raten?

Schöne Grüße,

Have you tried powering the phone on with all cards (SIM cards, SD card) removed?

Not yet. But now. Result: no reaction at all. Still no light and no vibration.

Are there Fairphoners in your area, who could lend you their battery for testing? Maybe your battery simply died.

Unfortunately there is no regional group in the list that is nearby. Frankfurt e.g. would be great.
Last time it happened there was another Fairphoner with me an I tried with her battery - without effect, my phone remainded “dead” also with the other battery.
What I can do is to order a new battery.
Is that possible that there is no charging light while plugged into the socket when “only” the battery is dead?

Sorry, I didn’t read the English translation of your first post again. I see now that you had said before that you already tried it with a friend’s battery.

I’m clueless… All you are saying sounds like a serious hardware failure (e.g. a broken motherboard). You should get in contact with Fairphone support and they’ll tell you your options.

PS.: Link to this topic so that they get some extra information.

Ok. This is what I did now. Let’s see what they say.
Is that correct, that there is no confirmation, that they received my message?

If there is no confirmation until tomorrow, something went wrong. Usually you do get a confirmation email.

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