🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Fairphone 2: MHL / Display spiegeln / mirror screen (not supported)

Hallo, weiß jemand zufällig, ob das Fairphone zwei auch MHL kann? D.h. kann ich das Handy Display auf dem Fernseher über (Micro-)USB spiegeln?

Bei Samsung braucht man dafür ja ein extra Kabel…

Vielen Dank schonmal :smile:

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FairPhone does not support MHL.
Depending on what you want to do, a DLNA solution or ChromeCast might be something to look for.

Google’s translation:
Fairphone nicht unterstützt MHL.
Je nachdem, was Sie tun wollen, könnte ein DLNA-Lösung oder ChromeCast etwas zu suchen.


@Jerry, are you sure this is true for Fairphone 2 as well? (The question was about FP2 specifically).

German (non-automatic :wink: ) translation:
@Jerry schreibt, dass das Fairphone MHL nicht unterstützt und empfiehlt DLNA Lösungen oder ChromeCast. Ich frage mich, ob das auch für Fairphone 2 oder nur für Fairphone 1 sicher ist.


I’m not sure but I doubt FP2 supports MHL. It’s a bit of a dead technology.


I doubt it would be supported too. Fairphone would have to obtain a licence for the technology as it’s patented proprietary technology I believe.

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That would suck (if it wouldn’t support MHL). Isn’t it the only way to attach an eternal monitor for now?

No. You just need a Miracast-enabled device or a Miracast-adapter like Chromecast and FireTV. I found a good article explaining Miracast. Miracast works on Android 4.2+, so it is available for both FP1 and FP2.

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Thanks for your reply, but I meant that in a more “hardwarey” or standard way, without other new devices. An example: With experimental builds of Ubuntu Touch/Phone you can hook up your smartphone to display, mouse and keyboard and use it as a PC.

As far as I know, you also need a “new device” to connect to a MHL-port: a MHL cable. Wireless connections (between your phone and a dongle) btw don’t wear out any connectors. (Provided you need a dongle, most TVs already support Miracast out of the box --> This is the standard way these days.)

Judging from the Technical Specifications MHL is not supported on Fairphone 2.

Nah, already have one.

Yeah, I meant external monitor as in monitor.

OK, thanks. That sucks.

Hi there,

Before I bought my Fairphone 2, I tried to find out if it would support MHL, which is a protocol to allow media casting from the phone’s screen to a larger screen. Sort of HDMI for phones. I need this to connect it to our media devices.
I never did get an answer, and now I have the Fairphone, it doesn’t seem to work. Which is unfortunate. But, I don;t know if it’s supposed to work or isn’t supported.

My question is: is the hardware platform of the Fairphone 2 capable of supporting MHL? If so, is it supposed to support it? If not, is there hope for a software solution?
If not, there’s no hope and I have to look elsewhere.

Insights are appreciated.

I might try my MHL adapter later this day (or not), but have you considered wireless casting by chance ? Something like Chromecast or (better) Miracast ?

I can try, but my device only supports MHL, so not really a choice.

Please could try your adapter (I was considering buying one)?

Yeah I tried, and it doesn’t work. Fairphone 2 doesn’t support MHL.


I confirm this

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