🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Amaze 3.1.1 crashes (preinstalled with FP OS 1.10+)

Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce this issue.

Can people that experience the crahes please create logs with adb bugreport and send the resulting file to beta@fairphone.com?

It would be good to have bugreports for both version 3.1.1 and 3.0.1 on FP Open and FP with Google apps.

Tap on a file with text inside (you want to edit the file) and Amaze will crash.

I have a rooted phone…

Just in case you don’t have the debug data yet: Amaze 3.1.1 in vanilla FPOS 1.10.1, try to get write access on your external SD card (if you don’t have already).
Before you can even make the top folder selection, Amaze is already gone.

I did not suffer any crash until I enabled the Back navigation option in Amaze settings. Bug seems to be reproducible in my FP2, at least, running FP Open, latest version of Amaze from F-Droid


Thanks. Turning off back navigation works also in FPOS with the pre-installed Amaze. So the bug becomes a lot less annoying.

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