DB Navigator not working when FakeStore is installed

Hello Fairphone Community,

I have Fairphone Open (Android 5.1) without Google Services installed. I wanted to use some apps, that require google Play Services (especially Maps), so I installed MicroG (I flashed Xposed, activated FakeGapps, installed gmsCore, microG Framework, MozillaNlpBackend and Fakestore).

Now my DB Navigator App (German Railway App) is not working anymore, it’s crashing at main page saying “Unfortunately, DB Navigator has stopped.”. DB Navigator seems to be working fine again, when I deinstall Fakestore. But then all my Google-Play-Service relying apps wont work any more because for some reason, they need Fakestore installed. I already tried to replace Fakestore by Blankstore: same problem.

Does somebody have the same problem and/or know any solution? Thank you!

Greetings from Felix

You could try Öffi, it is available from other sources than Google, too.

Thank you for your answer! But unfortunatelly I need DB Navigator to buy train tickets. As far as I know, there is no other app, that sells tickets.

You can get DB Navigator from amazon underground app-store (which is also problematic…).
But the amazon version works without gapps, so maybe/hopefully this will solve your problem.

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Thank you, Bergziege. The Amazon Version works for me.
Unfortunatelly you cant uninstall Amazon after you installed DB Navigator or otherwise DB Navigator won’t work anymore.

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I got DB Navigator from Yalp, an App you find in F-Droid and that uses the Guhgel store to download and install. I works perfectly, except of the map, which apperntly requires Guhgel maps.

like I said, it’s problematic…
Best thing is to revoke as many rights from the Amazon App as possible.

@DietmarP, Thanks, but the Version from Yalp does not work for me either. It still crashes as long as Fakestore is installed.

The best solution up to now for me, is to uninstall fakestore everytime I need to use DB Navigator. Isn’t there a way to get the google-free DB Navigator App without using Amazon Underground?


You probably have F-Droid. Search for Yalp, install it. Start Yalp, search for DB Navigator, download and install. voilà.
Yalp downloads apps from Guhgel Play store. Those functions that require the Guhgel backbone, do not work, but that is just the map view, as far as I know.

Yes, I did that (install it via Yalp). But still the app crashes soon after starting it.

By the way, even the Google-relying DB App works fine on my non-google device (except for the map). This applies to the app from Yalp, too.

The problem is, that the google-DB App stops working when I have FakeStore installed.

The non-google-relying DB App from Amazon also works on my non-google phone, even when FakeStore is installed, but only under Amazon conditions…

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Maybe an older version of the app will work?

You can get one here

No, even the oldest version I could find, does not work.

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compromise solution:
buy tickets using your browser and use the online-ticket in your mail app (you need a pdf-reader installed).
Usually the conductors accept this (all they want is a QR-code, it’s anyway the same code).

I didn’t ever use the FakeStore, so this is just an idea which might or might not work: what if you create a secondary user (Settings > Users > Add user of profile), then disable the FakeStore for one of the users and install DB Navigator there?

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The idea with the secondary user seems to work. Its not the most elegant way, but I will do that.

Thank you for all your answers!


Not answering to the initial question, but maybe this could fulfill your need. Here in France I’m using Trainline.eu. It now sells train tickets from many railway companies apart from SNCF, and it looks like you can purchase DB train tickets too ! Give it a try. This app is very very efficient and user friendly, compared to the native SNCF web site and app.

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