Daylight savings settings

Hi all

Before the update to Android 13 daylight savings for Egypt worked perfectly well.
Last year and this year the phone will not automatically set daylight savings. I have resorted to setting the phone time to GMT+3 manually.
This, while a solution for the date and time on the phone does not make all the applications function properly.
Is there any way I can change the settings to make it work properly.
Thanks in advance for any tips and pointers.


Did you have a look in Settings > System > Date and time

The following settings work for me:
Set time automatically > ON

For the Time zone section:
Set automatically > ON
Use location > OFF (I rarely turn location on)

These settings mean that the phone will be dependent on the mobile network to set the correct time zone and time.


Thanks for response
Unfortunately that does not work.
The only solution is to go and set offset by UTC