Data usage of mail app FP2

I noticed, that apparently the mail app always downloads the whole mails, regardless whether one opens them to read or not. At least this is how I explain to myself, why with the FP2 I use much more data than on my previous phone which is mainly due to the email app.
I remember on my old Nokia E7 (Symbian Belle), I had activated an option to let the mail program only download the adress and subject line instead of the whole mail and load the mail a such only upon opening it. Is there a similar feature for the Fairphone’s mail app?

I don’t use it, but I’m sure this feature exists. But I observed very high data usage with my FP1 with the preinstalled app and as well with K9 Mail. Additionally, one time I lost my internet connection and saw that my K9 inbox was empty!!! So I think that the mails aren’t simply stored on my phone until I delete them, but downloaded again and again from the server. Now on my FP2 I’m using MailDroid (first the free version with ads and now the paid version) and this annoying behaviour stopped and now I can read old mails offline as well.

I now have Blue Mail installed and the problem seems to be solved.

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