Data transfer via USB doesn't work anymore


when connecting my FP4 via USB with my ubuntu laptop, I cannot get access to the phone.
“The name 1.129 was not provided by any service files”

I cannot transfer pictures from the phone to the laptop and vice versa. It used to work when I got the FP4 new. Maybe the error occured with some Android update? It is Android 12. Should I reset it?

Thank you

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Referring to the steps to connect … … at which point exactly do you get this message?

And is this the complete message? No other text, or any hint which program or part of Ubuntu gives the message?

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Sounds like an internal (Ubuntu) error to me, missing string or something. If possible, try connecting to another PC, also make sure the cable is still OK for data.

You can presumably use Bluetooth to transfer files (in both directions) but I agree USB is more convenient.

Yes, I get something similar all the time: For instance, just checked and right now mine says “name: 1.124”…

Anyway, despite this defeatist message, it always connects just fine: I ignore the message, just open a file explorer (nemo), click on the phone, and it’s there.
(That is, provided you have unlocked the phone before connecting (fingerprint): Very important!)

Long story short, most of the time connecting the phone gives me some defeatist message (all kind of complaints about MTP issues, about services, etc.), but it still connects.
And when occasionally it really isn’t accessible, I just disconnect it and reconnect it again (after checking if the phone is unlocked!).

Another quirk having started some months ago is that, if the phone is connected to my computer for a while (for charging), after a while it prevents nemo from starting; I just have to disconnect it momentarily, and all blocked instances of nemo pop up…
All just good fun… :roll_eyes:

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