Data transfer from computer to FP3

I’m trying to transfer files from my computer to FP3 with a data cable using Adroid File Transfer. I get a pop up box saying ‘Can’t access device storage. Make sure your device is unlocked and MTP mode is selected.’ Howver it also displays a box of many audiobooks on the phone which have been downloaded directly from the web, so something’s connected and reading. On my phone I have data transfer selected (there is no MTP option, only PTP) but when I try to select USB controled by connected device it trys and then says it can’t switch. What other options do I have?
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Assuming from the mention of “Android File Transfer” that you are using a Mac … I guess it could perhaps help to know which version of macOS and which version of Android File Transfer you currently have.

An internet search brings up OpenMTP as an alternative …

(I don’t use a Mac, so I can’t help much further.)

There is also Android File Transfer for Windows and upon Mac with this application you use the “File Transfer” option for USB connectivity (there is no MTP option).

This reminds me of issue I had on my mac when I got FP3. Samsung SyncMate was to blame so I had to uninstall it and then reinstall Android File Transfer. Also I recommend OpenMTP as much better alternative to AFT.

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I tried to download OpenMTP to my FP3, but I can’t open it …
There are so many things I miss on this phone, like an email app – I don’t want to use Gmail. I don’t know how to activate some sort of audio sound that tells me when I have an SMS or a new email.

Hi Janet,

OpenMTP is a Mac app, not an Android app.

There are many email clients out there that you can use instead of Gmail. My favorite one is FairEmail. Caveat: You can configure pretty much everything in the app, making its settings a bit overwhelming.

For notification settings please check out for more information.

You might also want to check out a generic Android book like

where you should find answers to most issues that might occur. Fairphone OS is pretty much a „stock“ Android without major modifications from the vendor side.

Enjoy your phone and best wishes,


That should be installed on the Mac, not on the phone.

Then install a different one. Just search for “email” in the Play Store.

Every App should come with its own settings menu, most of the time including notification settings.
Alternatively you can go to Settings - Apps & notifications - (tap on the App) - Notifications … and have a look what’s on offer there.

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Thank you, Thomas, that helped.