Data SIM: cannot enter APN profile

Hi fellow fairphoners!
I have a data SIM as 2nd SIM in my FP1U. This data SIM has worked well in a surf stick in my laptop, and I just checked with my provider that it should be working well. However, in the settings of the FP1U I cannot enter a profile/APN. The SIM pin is of course accepted fine and I have set the 2nd SIM to data connection. But without being able to enter a profile containing a phone number, provider server, apn etc it won’t work. I choose “system settings”, “more”, “mobile networks”, “Access points (APNs)”, choose my SIM and get an empty black page with my SIM card ID on the top. There must be something wrong here. An OS error? Should I send back my FP1U?
any help appreciated

By pushing the left hardware button on the empty black page, you should be able to create a new APN for your SIM.

You get the details from your Provider.

thanks a lot! such a simple thing but how could I have come on this on my own? Self explaining software would be great if it ever existed :smiley:


Glad you got this sorted

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