Data roaming not working in some countries

I have a UK sim card (phone co op) and I’ve been traveling on a train today all day. Data roaming worked well in France, but didn’t work in Belgium and doesn’t seem to be working in Germany either.

I have turned data roaming off and on again, I’ve tried switching networks, i tried switching to 3g, i tried rebooting my phone, nothing works. Any ideas?

I am connected to a network.

Have you already tried contacting your operator? Since roaming worked in France your phone appears to be configured correctly and many roaming issues are actually caused by the operator or SIM card rather than the phone.

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Usually I need to introduce manually the “APN” settings for abroad operators.
What I do is:

  • connect to hotel wifi or any free hotspot
  • google the APN settings for the network I’m connected to
  • then manually type it in my phone.
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On my FP1 I sometimes need to choose “automatic network selection” again (even though it is always enabled). This makes the phone re-register on the most appropriate network, which often solved the lack of data connection.


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