Data roaming does not work in UK

Hello, i am unable to get any connection to 3G data services in UK. I have a sim card of the german provider LIDL Mobile which uses the O2 network. here in UK my phone connects to O2 - UK which seems to be ok. I’ve also booked one week EU data services from my german provider.

i’ve enabled roaming in SIM management and even tried to configure my APN to the O2 UK settings, but still there is just no reaction when i try to connect to the internet. the phone just does nothing.

any ideas?


Hey tebjan

The Fairphone supports a data connection only on one SIM slot at a time. Maybe you need to configure this in: Settings > Wireless & Networks > SIM management > Data Connection.

Also, if using a UK SIM in the UK, you are not roaming ;).

i only have one sim card and data connection as well as roaming is enabled for this sim. i have bought one week of data roaming from my provider, should be all good… what else could it be?

Ok, the problem was my APN settings, for Fonic/Lidl Mobile one has to use as APN. works now!

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Right, I totally misunderstood you.

I think that you should actually keep the settings of your provider, even when roaming. (I’ve been roaming quite a lot recently, and never have changed any settings). It should just work, when you have enabled data roaming in Settings > wireless & networks > Data usage > general settings > Roaming > Data Roaming.

If I guess well, a little triangle above the first 4 digits of your SIM card should indicate whether the data connection is enabled for your sim.

Else, I would not know the source of the problem, and enquire with your provider for assistence.

Glad you got this sorted :smile:

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