🇬🇧 🇫🇷 Data recovery on FP2 stuck on start screen

My dear Fairphone 2 doesn’t start since yesterday. I only have access to Android Recovery Mode. And before attempting a factory reset, I would like to be able to recover data from the phone’s internal memory. Is it possible ?
thanks in advance

If you have custom recovery (TWRP), it’s possible to use ADB to pull files. Are you using standard recovery or TWRP?

If you’re using the standard recovery, it’s probably possible to flash TWRP through fastboot.

Edit: let me know if you don’t know what the above means, because then I’ll just start at the beginning.

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Mon cher Fairphone 2 ne démarre plus depuis hier. J’ai seulement accès au Recovery Mode Android. Et avant de tenter une réinitialisation d’usine, j’aimerais pouvoir récupérer des données dans la mémoire interne du téléphone. Est-ce possible ?
Merci d’avance

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What happened before, have you done an update? Do you know which Operating System in which Version is installed?

Edit: before doing a factory reset I would def. do a manual installation as this has more chances that the data are not lost.

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I was with Android 7 and I didn’t make an update. It’s just happened suddenly.

I don’t have TWRP. Could you explain me or indicate me a good tutorial for installing TWRP from the basic Android recovery mode, please ?

Here’s a guide to booting into TWRP without even having to flash it. Once you’re in TWRP you can select ‘mount’, mount all available partitions, and then use adb to pull all important files off the device.


Thanks a lot @robbert.f . I installed TWRP with success wit h this method.


Fantastic! Once in TWRP you can select ‘Mount’ and then mount all available partitions, after which you should be able to use ADB to pull the files to your PC over USB. You can also use the ‘Backup’ option and make a backup of your data to an SD card (Backup > Select Storage > Micro SD card).


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