Data issue, work at boot then stop

Hi all,
Since some times now data is not working anymore on my FP2.
At boot i have internet for few seconds then it stopped (4G disappear from top of the screen).
I check the settings but didn’t find any problem.

Please help !

OS 17.12.1

Try to set your sim from 4G to 3G and see if the problem continues.

Thanks for your time.
Same thing, at boot it work 10 sec, then stop.

Remove the APN of your provider and set it up again.

Actually i have 2 Sim card, both Orange FR and both 1 or 2 years old.
I just tried different things with the cards and it seems that if SIM Card 2 is in, SIM Card 1 data stop working after a few seconds.
If i remove SIM Card 2, the data keep working.
If i put an other SIM Card in place of SIM Card 2, data worked as well.

Settings problem or SIM Card problem ?

Only one SIM Card be on 3/4G and the other SIM Card is then 2G.
You can’t have both SIM Cards on 3/4G.

yes the 1st is setting in 4g and the second in 2G.

Put your second SIM Card in the first slot and leave the second slot empty, does the second SIM Card work with data. If not your second SIM Card is faulty.

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